Dog Parks and Dog Walks Nearby

There are a number of beautiful dog walks near our dog-friendly camping, caravan sites and dog-friendly cabins if you wish to take a stroll with your dog. Located on the Swan River, Perth Central Caravan Park is lucky enough to be next to the Ayres Bushland, Garvey Park and Claughton Reserve.

All our pet-friendly caravan park and camping guests enjoy full access to the deluxe outdoor kitchen, laundromat equipped with deep sink and bathroom block with showers and toilets.

If you’re interested in other dog and pet activities near Perth Central Caravan Park, please speak to one of our helpful staff.

    Ayres Bushland

    3 minute walk (250m) from Perth Central Caravan Park


    Dogs may require leashes

    Guests at Perth Central Caravan Park’s dog-friendly camping sites and cabins will be able to enjoy access to beautiful reclaimed wetlands along the Swan River. To get to Ayres Bushlands from Perth Central Caravan Park is a 3-minute walk towards the river and Tonkin Highway, crossing Waterview Parade.

    It’s recommended to keep your dog on a leash through the wetlands walk as the area is a natural sanctuary for local wildlife, including aquatic birds and marine life. 

    The serene boardwalk route will take approximately 6 minutes to walk, with a round trip to return to the pet-friendly caravan park taking less than 20 minutes. You can easily extend your dog walk to Garvey Park by continuing along the riverside walking path as in enters the park.



    Garvey Park

    16 minute (1.3km) walk through Ayres Bushland



    Dogs allowed off leash

    Garvey Park is an expansive park space that runs along the river around the bend opposite Ron Courtney Island. The park is accessible by foot by walking through the Ayres Bushland wetlands boardwalk and accessible by car from Fauntleroy Avenue, Ascot.

    This a great dog walk for any guests staying in the dog-friendly camping and caravan sites or cabins at Perth Central Caravan Park. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the river or explore the park and nearby wetlands. Our pet-friendly caravan park guest will be able to access Garvey Park either by the boardwalk through Ayres Bushlands or by a 4 minute drive to Fauntleroy Avenue. There is a large free parking area near the Ascot Riverside Cafe and Ascot Kayak Club.

    The park offers free BBQ facilities, shaded picnic areas and tables and free drinking water.

    Located at Garvey Park is the Ascot Riverside Cafe offering alfresco relaxed dining. The cafe is open:

    • Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 4pm
    • Monday and Friday from 7am to 2:30pm and public holidays

    Please note the kiosk will be closed from Monday 10 December and will reopen Friday 11 January.


    Activities at Garvey Park
    • Swimming
    • Kayaking & Canoeing
    • Basketball court
    • Playgrounds
    • Walking in the nearby Ayres Bushlands boardwalk

    Claughton Reserve

    12 minute walk (1km) across Tonkin Hwy bridge.



    Dogs allowed off leash

    Claughton Reserve is located on the opposite side of the river to your dog-friendly camping sites or cabin, but it is less than a 20 minute walk along the river to reach the large park. From here your dog is free to run and play to their heart’s content.

    For our pet-friendly caravan park guests to reach Claughton Reserve walk south-west through the local streets towards the Tonkin Highway bridge. Cross the river via Tonkin Highway’s designated pedestrian paths and arrive at Bayswater’s Claughton Reserve.

    When visiting Claughton Reserve be sure to visit the public toilet art that was installed by artist Duncan Moon, entitled ‘The Nearest of the Faraway Places’.

    Claughton Reserve has BBQ areas, shaded picnic tables and public toilets with drinkable water from the taps inside.


    • Fishing – Local species include black bream, flathead, mulloway, yellowtail grunter
    • Kayaking & Canoeing
    • Playgrounds
    • Walking along the river