Wolfgang Timischl from Sport’s Life and his team consisting of three other handbikers – Wolfgang Almer, Alexander Gritsch and Michael Langer Weningerare, along various other team members including psychologists, doctors and photographers are embarking on a World Record Breaking challenge starting this evening.

That is to hand bike across Australia in 6 days.

The current record is 4,031 km and 13,072 vertical meters in 6 days, 10 hours, 42 minutes and 32 seconds – once across Australia from Perth to Sydney.

The 4 of them are an inspiration and we’d like to wish them and the team all the success – we are looking forward to hearing the results!

You’ve all been a pleasure to have here at the Park! All the best from the staff at Perth Central Caravan Park.

For more information check out their website – https://sportslife.at/project/race-across-australia/

Wolfgang has been in a wheelchair since 2010 after a skiing accident.
He has accepted his fate and wants to give something back to other people:

With his handbike, he has been riding a big tour every year since 2015, collecting money for other wheelchair users to help them financially return to their new lives.